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Florida Keys Fishing
and Eco-Tours

with Capt. Steve Murray

The most commonly sought-after fish with backcountry guides are tarpon, bonefish, snook, redfish, trout and permit.


The Tarpon or "Silver King" is the showman of all sportfish. Some may argue the acrobatics displayed by a tarpon are unmatched by any other fish. Fish averaging 50 to 80 pounds and several exceeding 150 pounds. Huge silver fish thrashing and jumping 6 feet out of the water and burning off hundreds of yards of line only to leap again and again. Truly a site that any angler would dream of experiencing. The tarpon doesn't tire easily, the long hard battle and thrill of catching one is usually enough to strain even the best conditioned sportsman. During the day tarpon are generally caught sitefishing by fly. They are notorious night feeders therefore night fishing is popular with live bait. Mornings and evenings are also good producing times to fish. There is a lifetime of memories in every exciting battle with the "Silver King".


The bonefish in the Florida Keys are some the largest found in the world. Several world records in many line classes have come from this area. The average size ranges from 6 to 8 pounds with several fish exceeding 9 to 10 pounds. The bonefish is usually pursued in less than 5 feet of water on the grass and sand flats surrounding the main islands in the Keys. They are wary and require a quiet approach with a precise presentation. Bonefish can sometimes be spotted by their tails sticking out of the water (tailing) as they root in the shallows for a meal. When hooked, even the fastest retrieve cannot keep up with the lightning speed they display. An excellent challenge for fly fishermen and light line enthusiasts.


Snook are excellent fighters and commonly take to the air in their pursuit of freedom from a penetrating hook. They are taken on flys, plugs, jigs and live bait. They are often found near the mangroves where they can easily ambush their prey. Snook are taken throughout the area and display a distinct black stripe that runs along their lateral line. The average size in the Keys ranges from 6 to 10 pounds with some fish weighing as much as 20 pounds.

Check out this amazing Snook/Shark clip!


Redfish are bruisers and can put your tackle to the test for sure. Like snook they are taken on fly, plug, jigs and live bait. When fishing for "Reds" it is not uncommon to hook up with a snook. They are generally found in the backcountry.


The permit is an intense battler and when the opportunity to hook one arises, hold on! It is possible to encounter several permit at one time. These fish are one of the strongest fighters and large fish can weight as much as 50 pounds.

Trout and Snapper   

Trout and snapper are plentiful and are a good target species for those who prefer lots of action.

Captain Steve is courteous, helpful, and experienced. He will do whatever he can to help make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Captain Steve only uses the highest quality equipment and can instruct on its use. He is an expert flyfisherman and in baitcasting, spinning and live bait fishing.

All trips depart from the Postcard Inn (Holiday Isle)
(mile marker 84.1 Oceanside in Islamorada: The Fishing Capital of the World)


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